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by Jess on September 1, 2010

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As much as I would love to cover every deal, at every store, it’s just not realistic and for that reason today I want to share with you one of my favorite money-saving websites worth bookmarking,
A Full Cup is completely free to join, and is a fantastic resource for locating additional bargains at stores you might not typically find covered on my blog. There’s a whole community of coupon-lovin’ folks over on A Full Cup swapping money saving ideas, sharing pictures of their killer shopping trips, and discussing bargains found at various stores around the country in the forums.
Desperately need diaper coupons but hate to throw out those pet  food coupons for the animal you don’t have? Hit up the coupon trading forum to find and share the coupons you need! This is a unique way to score valuable coupons, while sharing with others those coupons you might typically throw out. Plus, it’s not only limited to coupons, swap or sell books, clothing, dvds…you never know what you may find.

Of course, along with the forums, one of my favorite tools that many of you will find extremely useful is the Coupon Database on A Full Cup. I use it regularly to locate coupons for my weekly sale match-ups. Coupon databases are awesome because they allow you to quickly run a search for a particular product to find out if a  manufacturer has released any coupons, blinkies, tearpads, e-coupons etc. Isn’t that handy? Plus, I’ve noticed A Full Cup keeps their database meticulously up to date and accurate, which I appreciate.

So sign up for a free account on, check out the forums, test out the coupon database, print a shopping list or two, and most importantly meet some new online frugal friends who are pinching pennies and having fun doing it!

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