How Do YOU Coupon? Win a $100 Visa Gift Card!

by Jess on October 13, 2010

Want to try and win a $100 Visa Gift Card? A research company is currently looking for people to take a quick survey regarding their personal couponing habits and in exchange for your time you will be entered to win a $100 Visa Gift Card. If you want to kill a few minutes and see if you win, head over here and complete it. It only took me about 5 minutes, so it’s really not that long. Wouldn’t it be cool if one of us won it?!

I can’t offer you a $100 gift card, but I’d also love to hear your thoughts on how YOU coupon! How much time do you spend doing couponing? Organizing coupons, preparing for trips etc. What’s your routine?

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Prohomemaker.Com October 14, 2010 at 11:49 am

I've developed a pretty easy routine when you post the deals for Vons/Ralphs. I also have a pretty good product stockpile, so my weekly shop is usually focused upon what is the best deal at the store (meaning nearly everything has a coupon).

Here is how I use your lists weekly:

* I open your master list and also Word. I then cut and paste the deals that I feel hit their lowest price and/or that I need. I like using Word because the links still work, and I don't need to scroll through the entire master list when it comes down to starting the coupon-cutting process.

* I am methodical, so first I ensure that I loaded all the Ecoupons. By hitting "control" and clicking on the links provided, the Ecoupon site opens, I load any that I may need. (I also count any extra Ecoupons that may still be valid, making something a money-maker or at least a better deal.)

* Next, I click on the links for any printable coupons. Sometimes they are manufacturer sites, but most often they fall under, etc. Again, I ensure I use your links so you get credit.

* Also, on my custom list I created in Word, I will type in any other items I may need — milk, for example.

* Now I print my custom list so that I may complete the final task — cutting the printable coupons and the coupons from the coupon flyers. (These I have stored in a large envelope, all dated, so it's usually a short 15 minutes, and I have them all done.) I put a check mark next to each on my list as I gather all the noted coupons.

* Finally, I just put all in one #10 envelope with the store's name, and attach a separate envelope marked "used." When the item goes in my cart, the coupon gets moved to the "used" envelope, then I just pull 'em all out at the cash register. (This way I also can tell if I forgot anything.)

So, armed with my custom list and my two envelopes, I am ready to make the weekly assault at Vons or Ralphs. I am usually out of the store in 30 mins on a wham-bam shop and an hour max on a big shop, when there are a lot of good deals.

Finally, anal rentative tip, I know the store aisles so well, I usually will put the coupons in order, making it that much faster to grab and save.

As always, thank you for helping me save *so* much at the store.




Jess @ This Frugal Life October 15, 2010 at 6:20 pm

Wow thanks so much for sharing, Harry! I love your idea about putting the coupons in order of aisle….I think I'm going to adopt that one. Usually I'm all over the store because there are a few deals that I want to make sure are in stock FIRST before I grab anything else.

Other than that, my process is very similar to yours. It usually doesn't take me that long to do, usually about 2 or so hours a week split between Target/CVS/Vons/Ralphs so it's not too bad. Now actually blogging about the deals….yeah not so quick ;)


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