UPS My Choice – Know when packages are coming!

by Jess on October 21, 2011

UPS My ChoiceThis is pretty cool…how many times have you missed a package from UPS that you didn’t know was coming? Ugh, I hate seeing those little slips stuck to my door.

UPS is now offering a FREE program called UPS My Choice, which will alert you via e-mail/phone/text when packages are arriving so you can sign for your packages online! Best part? They’ll even give you an approximate delivery time.

With many of you already doing your online holiday shopping this should definitely come in handy so you can hide gifts ;)  The free version also gives you the option to have the package held at a local UPS facility for pickup.

If you need more info about your packages you can upgrade to a paid account within the My Choice program for $40 a year. This feature will give you the ability to reroute your packages to a different address and will also allow you to leave driver instructions (“leave at the neighbors”, etc.). I don’t know, I guess if you miss a ton of packages that might be worth it, but the free version gives you plenty of extra info in my opinion.

*Update: I signed up for my free account this morning and just received an e-mail that I have a package coming today for me that I had no clue about! So very cool.

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