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This Frugal Life is a motivating blog dedicated to helping its frugal-minded readers find great deals by pinching pennies & stretching their hard-earned dollars so they can save more, give more, and live a fun frugal life.

When I first started sharing my shopping adventures and coupon deals on in late January of 2010, I never imagined that in a few short months this blog would receive the number of readers it has today. What started as a way for me to share my “couponing craziness” with friends and family, has united tens of thousands of like-minded readers from all over the country!

My readers are passionate about couponing, saving money, finding hidden deals, appreciate a thrifty fun-filled lifestyle, and refuse to pay no more than 25¢ for a tube of toothpaste. If you have a family-friendly blog, company, or products that stand behind these related topics, I would love for you to consider advertising on This Frugal Life!

Advertising Opportunities Available:

  • Static Graphic Advertising
    Choose from either a 125 x 125 or 300 x 250 size.

  • Text Link in RSS or Email Subscription Feed
    Your link will appear in the footer of every post update (on average 8-12) per day.

  • Product Review & Giveaway
    I will only recommend products which I have tested first. If you are interested in providing a product giveaway, I request one product for me and one to give away to my readers.

For more information and pricing, please shoot me an e-mail!

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